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Personal Essay Assignment

Write like you want to—

ENG4U Personal/Narrative Essay Assignment

Your challenge is to write your own 1-2 page personal or narrative essay demonstrating:

  • A strong thesis or main idea / awareness of purpose and audience
  • Mastery of the 6+1 traits of writing (your rubric)
  • Ability to use rhetorical devices effectively (these must be highlighted on your essay)
  • Ability to provide specific detail as evidence for main ideas / critical thinking

It can be on ANY TOPIC. You can write about a global issue, a local issue, a school issue, a moral that you live by, something that really bothers you, or a personal experience.

You may choose to use a single, well-told story as the basis for drawing a conclusion (narrative essay) or simply an essay that explores your thoughts, feelings, or ideas about a particular topic (personal essay).

Your essay must follow the MLA Formatting Guidelines.