Task 2: The Topic of Education

Education comes up a lot in Task 2 Writing. Here are two questions that came up recently with some ideas for what you could discuss.

Remember to address the question directly and give your opinion clearly.

In the first example below, you can see that I’ve divided the categories of examples into Moral Argument, Economic Argument and Consequences. This is a useful trick if you can’t think of anything to say!

  • Moral arguments – there is always a Wrong and Right about any issue e.g. should education/museums etc. be free so that everyone has access?
  • Economic arguments – someone always has to pay. Whose responsibility is it? The person who benefits? Or should the government pay for everything?
  • Consequence – whatever you decide on, there will be consequences. How much would the government have to pay out if education was free to everyone? Where do you draw the line? And how does that effect the way people think about their education?

Apply these 3 categories to any topic, and you will definitely come up with 3 good arguments.

Conclusions – leave the reader with something to think about. This may have to be a compromise of some sort. Always give your opinion.

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